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Pokemon Let’s Go!

Cody here and I thought for a more recent blog why not discuss what I have been doing in my spare time! So during Black Friday I decided “Hey…you know what I am really enjoying Pokemon Go again so why not pick up Let’s Go?” Even though the love/hate relationship I have with Nintendo still continues I can definitely say I am glad that I decided to pick up the game.  It truly is a Pokemon Yellow remake, the only difference is that it does replace wild pokemon battles with Pokemon Go-esqu catching sequences which at first seemed kind of cheap, especially so for $60, “If I want to play Pokemon Go, I can do so without spending any money if I really want to.” But I can assure you all that it is definitely more than that! Another big issue that I took with it that walking around in tall grass no longer is random and that you see the Pokemon roaming around in the grass and you can avoid them at will (Unless you are sandwiched between multiples and must make a choice.)  Come Thursday I will be discussing more about Pokemon LG as well as some other games I have been playing such as Fallout 76 and Sunset Overdrive (Which finally came to my preferred platform; PC!) Join me then from 3pm to 7pm! Thanks for reading everyone! ~Cody

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